Jen Arbo

square JenJen is an experienced project manager, strategist, and business accountability coach with more than a decade experience developing community, managing projects, organizing lives, and coordinating teams to stay on-task and on budget.  

She has received accolades from her clients as a great listener and a patient trainer who empowers people. She likes finding the exact right fit for clients. 

Jen is an advocate for community building and volunteers in her home community for many causes she believes in. She was a NEXTUp Award recipient in 2012 and in 2016 was awarded the New Westminster Citizen of the Year.  You can find her on Twitter at @jenarbo, on Instagram where she posts lots of pictures of food, her pets, and flowers, or you can also connect on LinkedIn if you’re into that sort of thing though she warns you she’s bad at LinkedIn. She also is uncomfortable writing about herself in the third person, so suggests you read some testimonials.

Recent Testimonials:

“Hyack Interactive has brought a variety of techniques and tools to their work with us. They rapidly bumped up the quality of our information management and clarity in reporting tools. Jen supported us in distilling key messages and translating them to alternative and new stakeholders. Jen has proven she can draw on our specialised knowledge while adding value in communication with other sectors who don’t share the same professional vocabulary. Communication is something of a dying art these days, but Hyack Interactive can still make sure you nail it!”
~Jessica Schneider, Executive Director, Massey Theatre Society

“Jen has been great to work with. She has taken the time to get to know us and what we need. Jen has been very effective at taking our ideas, summarizing them and producing a plan that will work for us. Jen’s expertise, patience, knowledge and flexibility have been crucial in getting us to where we need to be.”
~Susan Foster, Coordinator, Tri-Cities Early Child Development Committee

“Jen made things easy to understand and took the fear out of ‘breaking it’. Jen is very patient and well organized – this worked very well for me, someone who didn’t understand the jargon and sometimes needed to ask a question another way to make sure I understood what we were really talking about. I love that Jen follows up – after a call or a training session she would summarize our discussions, set out to do’s (my homework) and remind me of the next steps.  This was very useful for me.”
~Colleen Obelman, Canadian Mortgage Professionals