Preparing Your Web Content

Once the graphic design layout has been completed for your web site, you are going to be ready to start adding the content. Here are a few tips to make sure you are successful at doing this.

Plan Your Content

Your website, at the very least, is going to have a few pages, so you need to plan the content carefully for each one of them.

  • Home page: This is the page that most visitors will land on first when they come to your site. Or you may have a designated landing page, which is okay too, but it still has to have well-written content. The landing page usually deals with a promotion. However, the home page defines what the website is about, which is the business itself.
  • Keep it simple: You want to make sure that your home page is direct and to the point. But, at the same time, warm and inviting. The content should be such that it keeps the readers’ attention from start to finish.
  • Important information in the right places. You want all the essential information contained in your content to be near the top just in case your readers do not scroll down.
  • Use images: Every image will tell a story. So you want to be sure that you are choosing ones that fit in with your site. Please make sure they are sharp, clear and of good quality. You can add content as captions or below them if you want.
  • SEO: You cannot forget about SEO with every piece of content that you are putting on your site. Otherwise, it is not going to get indexed, and your visitors will not be able to find it through the search engines.

If you don’t feel comfortable about writing your own content, you can always hire professionals to do this for you.