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We’ve been working with the Kids New West Child Development Committee for some time. From logo development and marketing plans, to WordPress work, we have been able to help become a leader in child development outreach and committee work in the region., their website, had been switched over to a WordPress platform some time ago, but a number of the settings weren’t well optimized and there were a number of mechanical issues with the site’s functionality. While they had a lot of great content, it just wasn’t being presented as best it could.

We are by no means coders or designers (which is why we like to hire our talented friends to offer a complete package to our clients!) but we are pretty savvy WordPress users. We were able to keep in mind the modest budget they were able to allocate for a refresher, and we set about bringing their old website, with lots of broken links, no categorization, and branding that didn’t align:


To a fresh, clean, and inviting website:


Notably, we focused on:

  • Making it work – we addressed the mechanical issues that we discovered in our audit
  • Making it look good – we chose a modern template, selected a tagline and customized a header with it, and selected appropriate imagery for the front page slider
  • Making it affordable – while we initially recommended a complete redesign of their site with the services of one of our WordPress developers, their budget simply didn’t allow it. Having us customize a template was a good happy medium.

We’re really pleased with the results, and so are they!

We continue to work with Kids New West on a number of projects, including community engagement, campaign planning, content management, blog writing, marketing and communications planning, and others.