Understanding Graphic Design

The start of any website that is going to be successful, to begin with the graphic design of the site. This is such an important element of the web site that serious thought has to be given as to whether an individual is going to design their website or put it into the hands of professionals.

What Is The Graphic Design?

As the name implies it is the graphic layout of the site and what makes it visually appealing. But the graphic design also ties in with the rest of the site as well and supports how well the site works.

How Is The Graphic Design Completed

Most often if an individual is going to design their own site, they will start with a template. These templates have most of the design built into them. All the codes that are necessary to make them work are right within the theme. For those that are going to build a site from scratch, they will have to design the framework. This is the outlay of how the site will look and the work is completed within the blocks of the framework.

A Good Graphic Design

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with graphic design. There are a lot of components to it. For example, the graphics all have to sized properly. They have to be a specific size as dictated by the framework. Then there are the colors that have to be chosen. These need to be able to be match the brand of the business. They cannot be too flashy nor should too many colors be used. Next, the fonts that are going to be used for the text is partially determined by the graphic designer.

Graphic Design and Web Development

The graphic designer has to work closely with the web developer. It is not unusual for the graphic designer to also be the web developer.